GOD DAMND SAINTS are officially a power trio, consisting of Steffen on the bass/vocals, Michal on vocals/guitar, and drummer Timo Henkel on drums.

The band's sound - which blends melodic sing-along with rhythm and balls - has been described as "light top / heavy bottom".

While for some of the longer shows the band will occasionally add violins and piano for the middle "unplugged" set, the essential SAINTS is a back-to-basics, stripped-down crushing rock sound. Thanks for checking in!



"[...] Melodic Songs with a crushing rhythm section that makes other so-called rock'n'roll bands sound like lounge acts."
John Daly, Toronto Globe and Mail





"[...] Kraftvoll und geraderaus, schnörkel-los und ruppig. [...] stamp


Mitten in düsteren Rockstrukturen tun sich bisweilen lichte Gegenwelten auf und es tönt so melodiös, als hätten die Beatles Ihre Hände im Spiel."

Rainer Köhl, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung






Proud to be an American...

Well, folks, it was the cap of a long evening in sunny June when a member of our illustrious Marine Corps described how delighted he was to be deployed the following day in the grand land of Bosnia. He had a wife, (with a baby inside), but, guess what?: he was going to the land of "twenty ladies to one man"



01.12.2012 - SAINTS live in Frankenberg


Best live audio company: Flashlight, Marburg, Germany - Best live sound engineer: Go & Johannes K. - Best strings: Ernie Ball - Friendliest Service of Any Music Store in the World: Long + McQuade, Toronto, Canada / Guitar Center, Cologne, Germany - Best Up-and-Coming European Bands: Sky Chief / Georges Poems - Best Places to completely, totally and fully relax: Finikes Campground, Finikounda, Greece, (and also Chris' and Marianna's sexy beach bar!) / The


Buckslides, Haliburton, Ontario / Joris' Farm, Utrecht, Netherlands / Steffens & Timos living room, Marburg, Germany / Detlef + Gittes kitchen, Cappel, Germany / Best place to record a top-ten album: Red Room Recording Studio - Finest eating city: Toronto, Canada - Best Neighbourhood Eats: Auflauf, Marburg, Germany - Loveliest woman who serves late-night eats with cheer: Sabine at Lecker-Eck, Marburg, Germany - Best late-night Bartender: Aimée at Hinkelstein ...



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